Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello Again!

Hi there! We are back in action! We have learned a lot and worked a lot and are ready to get back into the swing of things.

Here my mom and I are working hard on rethinking old products and some new ones too. (with coffees by our side)

Reorganizing the blog and business often left our tables looking like this...

But it already feels like it was totally worth it.  And will have a post about how we got organized soon!

Let me share some new changes:

-We have slightly updated our banner. Now we have 3 key words to help direct anyone who is curious what this blog is about.
-I changed my about me! I have put up more pictures about my work and the business, and a couple of myself.
-I have reorganized categories and tags. I even went back and re-taged every post so everything would be more connected and direct. I love organization and I am excited to follow specific themes!
-I also have taken a photography e-course! I am still learning but I already feel more confident with the photographs I am getting.

Thanks for hanging in there! Watch out for a little today to see our new fall line and look book!

We are beyond excited!

Thanks everyone!

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