Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today- Trip to Mankato

Last month our friends, Nick, and I took a trip down to Mankato, Minnesota. The initial hunt was for a cowboy hat store (which sadly for Max had turned into a Ragstock, but lucky for me and Linda!) but ended up us wandering a street in downtown Mankato. Since it was a week before school started everything was pretty dead, but we did find a cool coffee shop with a neat used book store across the street. Everyone was super cool and we had a couple good finds! Plus on the way back we stopped at this big yellow barn with tons of goodies inside. Max and Linda got suckers with scorpions in them! It was a pretty neat day!

Above is Nick holding my coffee for me infront of the bookstore and then a couple shots from the yellow barn.  The bookstore was pretty cool. It had two pretty and lazy cats!

Have a great thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here!


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