Friday, January 27, 2012

Minneapolis Finds... Favorite Coffee Shops

I really want to share all my favorite spots and finds of the midwest! I am going to start off with my favorite coffee shops of Minneapolis! I love coffee shops especially during the winter, they are a great escape from the weather and gets me out of the apartment. Here are a few of them...

Jackson's Coffee and Gelato is on Lake Street right next to a lot of cool restaurants and shops. I use to go there all the time while I was interning. PLUS they have gelato. How awesome is that?

I have only been to One on One a couple of times (because it's out of my neighborhood) but it is truly a sight. It is part coffee shop part bike shop. There are bikes everywhere PLUS an awesome bike graveyard in the basement. It is pretty amazing. Located on Washington Ave.

Peace Coffee makes my favorite coffee that I buy in the store (I get the espresso blend!). Visiting their unique shop is so much fun, and they make awesome cappuccinos! They are located on Minnehaha.

Spyhouse is a no brainer for us MCADer's. It is just around the corner from MCAD and is a cozy place to relax and do some work. And during the summer it's a nice place to sit out on the patio and enjoy a beverage. (their berry ice tea is the best!) Plus they recently opened a location in Uptown.

Urban Bean is total eye candy for me. It has some of my favorite graphics and illustrations on their wall. And they have some pretty cool merchandise to match. This place is super modern and I love their latte's. They too just opened at a new location. They can be found on Lyndale or  Bryant. 

Happy friday everyone!!


(pic credit: {Jacksons 1, 2, 3} {One on One 1, 2, 3} {Peace Coffee 1, 2, 3} {Spyhouse 1, 2, 3}  {Urban Bean 1, 2, 3}

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Hot Off The Press"

Well... not really!

But freshly inked from our amazing epson printer! We printed a couple things today and I thought we would share it with you!

Enjoy your thursday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What we're working on...

What I'm currently working on...

Working on a long overdue blog project for a friend of mine.  Center of Short Attention is a very witty blog about the change of becoming a mother, and sometimes the paranormal. Her posts are very amusing and I suggest you check it out!

I am working on designing my first tea towel! Coming soon! I am very excited!!! 

Also just finished making our logo into a stamp! We just need to order it and then we will be all set to create some awesome packaging!

Also just finished my backdrop to my Valentines Day Party set up! Coming soon!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 Cute... Illustrations

1. Nan Lawson has recently become one of my favorite illustrators. She has amazing prints available on her etsy. Her illustrations are sweet and unique.  I highly suggest you check her out.
2. Draw Pilgrim - I came across this on the Print & Pattern blog (my favorite blog ever!) and instantly fell in love with their wall art. I may have to purchase a few of these.
3. One Plus One Design - They are my new inspiration!!!! I was following Oh So Lovely Vintage for a while and saw that they throw this super cute bachelorette party and it was featured on 100 Layer Cake.   Well One Plus One Design did the invites and I fell in love. I might hire them to do my own invites!
4. Elizabeth Caldwell Designs - This truly a unique product, color pencil on a notebook and it is so beautiful. Her stuff is amazing.
5. Alex Westgate This is one of my favorite illustrations done by him! He also has it available as a t-shirt print!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

So it was my birthday yesterday! I usually don't go all out for my own birthday but I felt like showing how I decorate for others birthdays, and made a table set up for myself! It was super fun and I accidentally selected my wedding colors and I love it! I used tons of streamers and glitter! It was a blast setting this up! I can't wait to do more!!!

My kitty cat loved the set up too! Stay away from my cupcakes!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Take a look! What's inside my bag.

I have been loving the blog posts and intsagram pictures of inside people's bags! I especially like to see what creative/design people tote around.  I decided to bust mine out today and show you what is always on me.

1. MY IPHONE! Probably the most touched item. I use it for everything and is pretty much my on-the-go camera.
2. Cali N' Tito's business card! An excellent cuban restaurant in Athens, GA. I carry it around to remember my visits to my brother and how cool Athens is!
3. Hector and the search for Happiness. It's a cute book I read over and over. Each chapter is short and super adorable. Defiantly a pick me upper.
4. My Planner! (From Target) It contains all my sketching and planning materials.
5. Something Nice Designs business cards! They are ready to be passed around.
6. A polaroid of me and my best friend Maci!
7. My wallet! (from Target)
8. My Threadless water bottle! (From Target) I love it sooooo much! I am always drinking water and it helps that it has a cool leak free spout!
9. My glasses!
10. My eos lip balm! I love that it's organic and that the cap is twisted on so it wont fall off in your purse and get everywhere!

Thanks guys! Hope you had a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year from Something Nice!  We are very excited for the new year and can't wait for the experiences to come! Like every start to a new year we have new goals! One of those is to be a part of the art/craft fair community! We are trying to compile a list of local ones that we can be part of in the Wisconsin and Minnesota area.  Let us know if you know of any! 

Also we have new products in our Etsy shop! New prices too! Check them out!

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