Sunday, October 16, 2011

Studio Sundays - Hearts & Good Reads

This weekend has been a pretty slow one.  We have been working on designs and ordering supplies so there isn't too much to show.   Another thing I have focused on this week was research! Even though I studied business in school I enjoy reading more specifically in the kind of business we're doing. Also for fun I made a heart piñata!

So I picked up Creative, Inc because I love Joy Deangdeelert Cho's blog, Oh Joy! and because I feel like business classes don't go into the freelance side of business enough.  I have learned a lot through my brothers experiences and also my internship, but this book goes into the well needed details.  It's so great! It goes through the in's and out's of having a freelance business from multiple viewpoints, such as someone straight from school (me) or someone quitting /working with their day job (Sue & Mark!). It also includes interviews from different kinds of artists. Pick it up!

The Handmade Marketplace. This book was given to me as a gift from a friend who I helped plan, organize, and produced her wedding. And I am so grateful!  This book is great for helping sell products, from online to consignment.  I am looking forward to selling our products on Etsy (next month!!) and to be able to sell at craft fairs, and this book has great recourses to help us out!  They also have quotes and tips from great artists.  It's always fun to hear others experiences and successes.  I suggest you pick this up if you're a crafter! 

And then I made a heart piñata! It was quick and fun! Once again I had to use tissue paper (I need to invest in some bulk crepe paper!) and recycled some cereal boxes! I got the awesome project from Oh Happy Day! She makes the coolest stuff!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trendy Tuesdays - Happy Holidays

I am working on Holiday cards and stuffed ornaments and I decided to create a trend board to guide me through it! I want it all to be cute and light so I selected images of cute deer, candy canes, and animals filled with light colors of pinks, greens, and blues. I am excited for the Holidays!

*credit* top left - project wedding, top right - cox & cox, bottom left - posie, bottom right - hello lucky

Design Sponge Event & Book Signing

So yesterday Grace Bonney from Design Sponge visited Minneapolis! She is an amazing writer and designer and you all probably know her very well, but if not check out! It's full of posts of cool places, products, DIY projects, and more! So it was very cool to be able to see her at her book signing last night. It was hosted by Anthropologie and was super cute! There were yummy treats served and she hosted a craft workshop before the signing. I suggest you pick up her book!

Monday, October 10, 2011


I finished my thanksgiving card set! I made the set of four into a pattern on the bottom. I can't wait to produce these guys! I love fall!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Studio Sundays - Maci & Vin decoration time!

This week has been full of us starting up the business and designing to get our store up. But it did feel good taking this weekend to work on projects for our dear friends Maci & Vincent's wedding. We are super excited and it's only a few weeks away! Well today I made two things that I got tutorials from the amazing website Project Wedding. They were super cute, cheap, and easy to do!

I first made tiny tassels.  They say to use crepe paper, but I couldn't seem to find it at any of the craft stores around me, so I used tissue paper instead.  It worked fine it's just a little more delicate to work with. I got the amazing tutorial here.

I then made these cool flags made from fabric and then dipped in glue.  I suggest you try this one, it's simple and they are beautiful in the sunlight. Find the tutorial here.

Now onto programs, banners, and wedding poppers! :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kitten time

The kitten is definatly the center of attention in the apartment. She is super playful and cuddly. The other day she killed a mouse and played with it all over the house including in my shoes :P yuck. We still love her and glad to know she will be our pest control.

In other news, when making a late night grocery run we found this cute owl balloon! I love it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Promo Packs!

I really want to get into freelancing and to make a good first impression I thought I would take inspiration from Tad Carpenter and make a promo package! It was fun deciding what was going to go in it!

Below are all the individual promos

Business card!

It's October!

And it sure doesn't feel like it here in Minnesota! 70 degree weather! But that hasn't stopped me from drinking coffee, making decorations, enjoy the changing colors, and pumpkin hunting.

 I started my day at The Lowbrow and had some peace coffee along with their carrot cake with lemon cream frosting. Mmmm.

Then off to the pumpkin patch! It was a journey to find it but totally worth it! They had lots & lots of HUGE pumpkins. I could not believe it!

And then I headed home with black and orange tissue paper and a plastic black table cloth.  It's funny how halloween reminds me of high school, it was the colors of our school *go demons!* I felt like I was putting up school spirit rather than halloween decorations. 

I cut out the skull from the table cloth and made the pinwheels out of tissue paper! I am excited for fall! 70 degree weather or not!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Trends - Floral

I love love love floral! Plants and flowers are my go to doodle when my mind is blank.  I like how the above went past the idea of floral pattern sheets. It's so pretty and inventive! And the colors are so bright and cheerful! Defiantly feminine, peaceful, and cute!

Sources: row 1 left - Dottie Angel; row 1 right - anthropologie; row 2 left - weheartit; row 2 right - Katie Daisy; row 3 right - rifle paper co

Monday, October 3, 2011

House Calendar!

Finished my house calendar! Now just need to print off on some awesome card stock!

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