Sunday, September 9, 2012

Look Book - Behind the scenes and about working with friends

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your weekend went well and you are enjoying some sort of relaxing activity. 

I thought it would be fun to share some "behind the scenes" of our very first look book! In case you've miss it you can find it on our New Fall Line post. I had a lot of fun prepping and researching for the look book. I am a very amateur photographer and I am still working on getting better. It was still fun to play around though! And totally worth the hours of research. 


Now I took pictures in many different places, my bedroom (with the minty green walls), my kitchen, my apartments laundry room (the one with the cool glass window), a wall by my favorite coffee shop, and random places around my block. But my favorite one was where my apartment looks out over, an overgrown courtyard/path. I love the light you get there and it's just so pretty with all the plants! This isn't the shot I used for the cover but it shows more of what the area looks like. I take my dog for a walk through there everyday, I'm really glad I got to incorporate it with our look book. 


While our dog found a place to pass out during the shoot, our cat, Knives, was quite the opposite. She usually likes to be involved in what you are doing so this was no surprise to us. Linda and Evelyn are her cat-sitters so her love for them had a lot to do with it too. It was super cute. Even though I did not use her in my look book I am so happy I go to capture these moments and could show it to you here!

(above you can see she LOVED the cat bag! No joke! She starting purring once she got in it!)


These lovely ladies, Evelyn and Linda, volunteered their time to model for me (along with a couple other friends that I will probably call upon in the future)! I feel so lucky to have such nice and cute friends to help me out! They were perfect! They brought their own change of outfits, styled their hair and makeup, and had super cute poses. They were very patient with me trying to figure things out and being flustered. They are super sweet and made my look book look great!

Oh and there's my fiance. Showing off our very manly cupcake apron, which will be in our shop soon! He is adorable. :)

I am very pleased with how the shoot went and look book turned out. I hope to improve my photography and process. I can't wait to make more!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!



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