Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Jewelry Collection!

I thought it would be fun to take a couple photos of my jewelry collection! I love my orange slice tray and my variety of pretend readers. Oh I threw in my perfumes too. This post is just for fun! Enjoy!

And my favorite piece is my charm necklace. I wear this everyday and it has many charms that are very meaningful to me. 

Thanks guys! Enjoy your saturday!! 



  1. liking your little perfume bottles and that orange slice tray is cool. Just had a look through the stuff in your shop and I love your dresses - I thought they were cute tees styled with cool skirts but no, they were even more amazing :) X

  2. You have a wonderful collection, Robin! :) I like your favorite necklace, too! By the way, where do you put all these? Do you have a special storage/hanging tool for it? It would be a good idea for you to always be reminded about all your accessories and to maximize their use. You can use an appropriate lighting to better emphasize their beauty.

    Cody Stephens

  3. I really love gloomy colored charm necklaces. Your favorite charm is indeed very cute. My personal favorite is a gloomy colored charm necklace with a camera pendant, primarily because I love photography.

    Paige Low

  4. I like the charm necklace. Fries, feather, sunflower, half-heart and what’s the other one? They’re kind of random. What do these charms mean to you? I have one too, and I consider them lucky because of the meaning behind it. =) Dann Hires @ McCarty's Jewelry


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