Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We're taking a break!


Something Nice Designs is in middle of revamping and improving ourselves. I feel like we need some time to narrow in on our overall look, content, and quality. So not to put up poor quality posts I am going to have us go on a work break for a while. No we will not be snoozing like Knives above, but we will be doing a lot of research and work on the site, blog, and our products. I will be revisiting A Beautiful Mess's e-course's Blog Love and Dream Job.  Also I have just started taking Arrow & Apple's Lighting e-course to get my photography skills up to par. These are all really terrific and I suggest you check them out. 

I even brought these ladies out of the closet. 

Lot's of notes, post its, and paper! Getting organized!

We are very excited about the new changes and we hope you will like them as well! We will still be posting to instagram (something_nice), pinning, and answering emails.

Thanks for everyone's support! See you in a week or two!



  1. haha! i took elsie's blog love course, and i'm taking arrow and apple's lighting course now! we're in like, cool kid internet college or something.


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