Monday, September 10, 2012

PRINTED: Tattoos

I really like tattoos. I like the idea that you can have art with you always. Plus it shows off your personality instantly. I do think it's a big deal and you should put a great deal of thought into it before you get one. But it is truly an art and I love that all different types of people get them now!

I love how this flower is so soft and painted. Very subtle.

Nothing is more personal than a quote in beautiful type.

I really like this cat one because it's so simple and cute, but still meaningful. 

This saloir tattoo is super neat. Simple line work but great details makes this really stand out.

Look at the design of this camera tattoo! I absolutely love this one!

Not into the permanent stuff? No problem! Here is some temporary fun for you!

Tattly has amazing illustrations you can put on for a day! 

And Urban Outfitters has these faux tattoo tights. Adorable.

Hope you enjoyed this! Have a tattoo? Put a link to yours in a comment below! :)


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