Thursday, July 5, 2012

Giving DIY a try!

So I decided on making a new weekly post on our blog. I LOVE all the DIY's being shared out there and I want to try some of them out! So every week I will post the project I tried out and the link to the person who showed me how! :D

So these are printable geometric paper containers! The cute paper print out comes from the super cute blog Zü Bienvenue! It's a very smart and adorable idea of holding your small stuff! I downloaded the template and added some of my own patterns and customized the colors. It was so easy and fun! (Sorry about the photos, they are not the best. I just moved and I am not sure where I put my camera!)

My craft wasn't the best, I think I would give it another go but with some cardstock! :D

Any DIY suggestions? Throw them at me! I will do them! 

THANKS! Have a great thursday guys!


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