Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Holiday Decor

 I LOVE the holidays. I just love the "cheeriness" of it all (even though I work in retail) and just the decorations is enough for me. So I decided to show you guys a little collection of my holiday decor this year! Besides my light pink christmas tree I seem to have mainly white, silver, and red things.

I end this series with a shot of each decoration to tell you a little more about them. 
-The red beaded snowmen were given to me from my mother my freshman year at college. 
-Silver things, tinsel, stars, and beaded snowflakes all are this year buys from dollar sections of stores! -And candy canes are essential in my house! 
-The rocking horse ornament is from my fiance's mom, it's actually on display all year round. Sadly the cute girl one she got me broke during our last move. 
-Paper snowflakes is something I love doing every year. I like having tons of them hanging from the ceiling. 
-The ceramic squirrels are getting reused from thanksgiving, which were part of our table setting. They are currently available at target and are described as "beyond christmas" and I agree!
-The cute house lights are from Ikea! One of my favorites yet!

Thanks guys! Hope your holidays are going smoothly and lovely! 


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