Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stationery Of My Life

I love stationery, I don't know if you know this. I have always loved stationary. After cleaning out a box I found some unused stationery from different times of my life and each have a different story. I thought it would be fun to share these with you! 

1. Amelia's Notebook! Oh my gosh, Amelia's Notebooks were on of my favorite things to read growing up and sparked my interest in sketching! She is so quirky and funny and all the illustrations were pretty great. I had the stationary based off the books which are equally quirky and funny.

2. Chococat! Oh my goodness. This really brings me back. Whenever my friends and I would go to the mall we would go to the Sanrio store! And everything was a little too expensive for a 10 year old so we bought pencils, shaped erasers, and sationery! I think I scored a Chococat pillow too.

3. San-X! These cuties were sent to me by my brother. When ever he heard I was having a bad day or had a bad fight with one of my friends, he would always sent something to be from these guys. He also sent me a couple of plushies! What a great brother!

4. Anke Weckmann! From red cap cards. She is so amazing.  And Nick, my fiance, knows how much I love her work... and stationery. So he surprised me and bought me a couple of her cards! She makes the cutest illustrations!

5. Gemma Correll! From All-Mighty. This was another great gift from my bother! See? So great. He also got me a tote and a shirt with her amazing illustrations! So cute!

6. Suzy Ultman! She is so great. So my brother's girlfriend, Natasha, got me this super cute set. It comes with cute doll like notecards but I just wanted to show the envelopes because I love her patterns so much! Natasha did not only give me a christmas present, but she got me inspiration for my senior project that year! So great! :)

Thanks guys!

Happy Wednesday! 



  1. OMG Robin! I used to go to Sanrio ALL the time growing up! It was my favorite store at the mall :)
    My sister and I would buy little grab bags they had, and save up points to buy things! I'll have to show you what we saved up for...I still have it. Loved Keroppi, Pochaco, Spottie Dottie, and of course Hello Kitty. I loved all the stationery too, maybe that's where my love of illustration started! Haha!


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