Friday, March 16, 2012

5 Cute Blogs

So I have been meaning to make this post for a while now. I wanted to share a couple of my favorite blogs out there. And last week Rhianna from Rhi-Creations and owner of Ello Lovey awarded me with a Liebster award! I am excited to get one and hand out 5 more! So here are my 5 picks!

1.Rhi-Creations So I am totally bouncing the ball back! Rhianna is an instagram buddy and an amazing designer! I seriously can't get over her very pretty handmade type. You should defiantly check out her prints in her shop. And my favorite post of hers so far is this cute collaboration with Sheepish Knit. Check out her blog!

2. Delectable Cook  I went to art school with Alicia and she is a very talented illustrator. She had found a huge passion for cooking a couple years back and has made the most delicious food illustrations around. And now she has a blog collaborating the two! Also you can find her amazing food prints at her shop!

3.  Hello Emma , Emma Trithart. I got to meet this amazingly talented illustrator recently, she is super sweet and very inspiring! I saw the print below at the MCAD art sale a couple years back and have been following her blog ever since! It's full of her super cute illustrations, fashion pics, and interesting posts. I would defiantly check it out.

4. My Zoetrope Michelle makes the cutest illustrations I have ever seen! All the animals with those little eyes!!! ADORABLE! I suggest you check out her blog and shop!! 

5. Oh September Gabrielle is also an instagram buddy! She loves showing off her cat as much as I do! She is a great artist and designer. I love her drawings!  You can get a  custom portrait done by her! I suggest you check her out along with her etsy store

Hope you all have a great friday! Keep blogging!



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  1. Robin thanks so much!! Certainly didn't expect you to do that :) I'm so grateful! I also love the other blogs you picked! They look like some amazing illustrators! I will check them out for sure!

    XO, Rhianna


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