Friday, January 27, 2012

Minneapolis Finds... Favorite Coffee Shops

I really want to share all my favorite spots and finds of the midwest! I am going to start off with my favorite coffee shops of Minneapolis! I love coffee shops especially during the winter, they are a great escape from the weather and gets me out of the apartment. Here are a few of them...

Jackson's Coffee and Gelato is on Lake Street right next to a lot of cool restaurants and shops. I use to go there all the time while I was interning. PLUS they have gelato. How awesome is that?

I have only been to One on One a couple of times (because it's out of my neighborhood) but it is truly a sight. It is part coffee shop part bike shop. There are bikes everywhere PLUS an awesome bike graveyard in the basement. It is pretty amazing. Located on Washington Ave.

Peace Coffee makes my favorite coffee that I buy in the store (I get the espresso blend!). Visiting their unique shop is so much fun, and they make awesome cappuccinos! They are located on Minnehaha.

Spyhouse is a no brainer for us MCADer's. It is just around the corner from MCAD and is a cozy place to relax and do some work. And during the summer it's a nice place to sit out on the patio and enjoy a beverage. (their berry ice tea is the best!) Plus they recently opened a location in Uptown.

Urban Bean is total eye candy for me. It has some of my favorite graphics and illustrations on their wall. And they have some pretty cool merchandise to match. This place is super modern and I love their latte's. They too just opened at a new location. They can be found on Lyndale or  Bryant. 

Happy friday everyone!!


(pic credit: {Jacksons 1, 2, 3} {One on One 1, 2, 3} {Peace Coffee 1, 2, 3} {Spyhouse 1, 2, 3}  {Urban Bean 1, 2, 3}

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