Sunday, October 16, 2011

Studio Sundays - Hearts & Good Reads

This weekend has been a pretty slow one.  We have been working on designs and ordering supplies so there isn't too much to show.   Another thing I have focused on this week was research! Even though I studied business in school I enjoy reading more specifically in the kind of business we're doing. Also for fun I made a heart piñata!

So I picked up Creative, Inc because I love Joy Deangdeelert Cho's blog, Oh Joy! and because I feel like business classes don't go into the freelance side of business enough.  I have learned a lot through my brothers experiences and also my internship, but this book goes into the well needed details.  It's so great! It goes through the in's and out's of having a freelance business from multiple viewpoints, such as someone straight from school (me) or someone quitting /working with their day job (Sue & Mark!). It also includes interviews from different kinds of artists. Pick it up!

The Handmade Marketplace. This book was given to me as a gift from a friend who I helped plan, organize, and produced her wedding. And I am so grateful!  This book is great for helping sell products, from online to consignment.  I am looking forward to selling our products on Etsy (next month!!) and to be able to sell at craft fairs, and this book has great recourses to help us out!  They also have quotes and tips from great artists.  It's always fun to hear others experiences and successes.  I suggest you pick this up if you're a crafter! 

And then I made a heart piñata! It was quick and fun! Once again I had to use tissue paper (I need to invest in some bulk crepe paper!) and recycled some cereal boxes! I got the awesome project from Oh Happy Day! She makes the coolest stuff!

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