Friday, January 18, 2013

Where else to find us...

So during these transition/construction times I thought I would point out other places where we update and contribute to daily. So here are some other places to follow us!


Boy do I love Pinterest! Feel free to follow some of my boards! I would love to follow you too!


Like us on facebook! We update daily! Let us know if you have a facebook page too!


I tend to use tumblr everyday. I love reblogging inspiration from other blogs and try to add a few of my own. Follow me and I will follow you back! Or message me hello!


I really like twitter, follow me I will follow you back and feel free to send me a message! I will also retweet some of your announcements!


I love showing my photo's on flickr! I would love to see some of yours!


Dribbble is the best. It's full of designers with great comments and work. Feel free to say hello!


Instragram is where I show little snapshots of life. You can follow me with your smartphone: something_nice. Or just visit this website!

Feel free to comment below of places where we can follow you!

Have a wonderful friday everyone!



  1. Hi Robin, I have been doing some reconstruction as well. I already followed some of your boards on Pinterest (I love pinterest waayy too much!) but you can find my pinterest at and my twitter @kerciajane

    1. Thanks Kercia! I am following you right now!


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