Saturday, February 4, 2012

Minneapolis Finds... Favorite Doughnut Shops

I'm not sure why but I have really been taking any excuse to grab a doughnut lately. So I have found a couple places to go for my sugary fix.

Mojo Monkey Donuts is an amazing little shop in Saint Paul.  I spotted it on the cover of the twin cities Metro Magazine.  Ever since visiting a Ike and Janes in Athens G.A. we have been on the hunt for a bacon doughnut, and you can find one here along other unique items.

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A lot of people have suggested the Donut Cooperative to me and I finally went! It is beautiful and sunny inside even on the cold winter day. It would a great place to meet up with someone for a treat.  They have other bakery items like small pizzas. Oh yea, their coffee is amazing! My favorite? The S'more doughnut.

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Okay okay okay, I know Isles Buns & Coffee isn't a doughnut shop BUT I can't help it I love it so much, and cinnamon buns are kinda similar right? Well this place is also bright and sunny and I love sitting outside on a nice fall day.  My favorite thing to get is their "Puppy Dog Tails" it's not as overwhelming as a huge bun and goes great with their coffee! 

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